Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Over 300 sales!

I am now over 300 in Etsy sales. Hurray!!! Success!! Thank you to all my wonderful customers. :)
Also, I made my annual Cherry Christmas card.

I haven't really had the chance to do any new work because of my job/custom requests/xmas stuff...so hopefully after xmas I will.
My poor lil' truck needs some work done and I'm going to be driving my old oil leakin' machine again for a while. Oh, vehicles..curse you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza

I'll be offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all my prints, Friday Nov.2yth through Monday Nov.30th . Buy 4, get 2 Free, etc.

This is Cherry waiting patiently in the truck while I ran into Staples. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re-Branding Myself

I decided that the branding scheme I did last semester for class isn't what I really want and was more the result of getting the assignment done on time.
So, even though I like my little sage green and funky font with little birds, they aren't really me. And I keep seeing that font come up places and I'm like, Hey, that's what I use! It makes me feel less original I guess. My 'new' branding is all handwritten type and much brighter colors. I think looking at my work it goes with everything much better. Here's the business card layout. Any critique is welcome.

Old Version

New Version #1
New Version #2

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dearest CCAD...

Dearest Columbus College of Art and Design,
You have been a wonderful school, albeit a tough one. You have caused me panic attacks on several occasions, a trip to the emergency room, two speeding tickets racing to get to you, and days on end without so much as a nap. You have cost me more money than I care to remember or want to think about, and challenged my over all mental stability. I have come to know you so well. Your brand new buildings, as well as your dilapitated ones with seemingly no heat. I have cursed your name on thousands of occasions. However, I defied the level 2 snow warnings in a Ford Taurus and another few times in a 2 door Grand Am just to reach you. Then to be told you were done for the day and to return home.
I met people just like me through you. I met people I dispised entirely. I found encouragment, hope, and a future there. I also found harsh critiques, tough love, and frustration. You taught me that my car can be a bedroom and an office. That fashion doesn't always fall inbetween pages in a magazine. That art can be found on bathroom stalls. That everything can be said in a few sketchy lines.
Without you, I might be who I was before I met you. Without a car, without a job. A life of bad habits with bad people. You helped me shape myself into who I really am. Who I could become. No, I didn't like you all those years, but you knew what to do with me. And for that I love you, CCAD.
Thank you for all of it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things and Whatnot

Here's one of my recent watercolor adventures. This was a house I took a picture of in Florida a summer ago. I'm finding that I like doing architecture more than landscape.

I'm also doing a big craft fair this weekend at Lodge Bar in Columbus, Ohio if anyone's interested. It's downtown in the arena district from 11 to 6 Saturday. There's also drawings and fun things to do so come on dooooooooown.

Here's a new print too, I'm pretty stupid for HGTV lately for some reason so I'm drawing a lot houses and homey things.

Also Lee, Cherry, and I went for a walk by the river Sunday and we took a bunch of pictures of the always lovely autumn colors, so expect even more tree oriented prints soon, when I have time. Oh, time, where have you gone...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Joy of Clay

There's a good chance if I had taken this ceramics class when I was in my first years at CCAD, I may have become a fine arts major instead. And also would have failed all my classes because I would have been in the ceramics lab all the time.
I love to draw and paint, but there's just something completely different about pottery.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Camper Set

My pen and ink camper series...maybe there will be more eventually, but four is good right now. I did a series of 4 in watercolor also...they're around here somewhere...
All four are now in the shop.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the magic happens...

A guy from school posted his studio space earlier today on his blog and now I feel like doing the same. Heeeeeeeeeeeeere it is! Note my Office Space 'Is this good for the company?' banner.

Also my guinea pigs, Mavis (black) and Bean (blonde).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This House is a very very fine house.

I'm taking a 6 hr. advanced watercolor class for my last semester at ol' CCAD. Here's painting I did last week.

Also, here's the Plain City water tower sans the PLAIN CITY words on it. Might add those later for funsies but I wanted to make it generic for now.

Lee finally asked me to marry him after being together for over five and a half years. My ring is out for resizing (sad) but it is beeeeautiful and I'm very, very happy. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Daybor Sales

If anyone's interested, I'm having a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" sale in the ol' shop. It ends Tuesday...when i return to work. And school.

I haven't been able to get to any new stuff since classes started. I have to be at work or school most of the time as always so...the things I really want to do get no time. Plus I'm doing an independent study course in watercolor and that's gonna eat up a lot of 'free time'. Or what free time I had once.

Okay, it's Saturday, I'm tired and hungry.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A poster...

Did this poster for a girl in NYC who has a little business, Pansy Maiden, making bags and purses. It was a fun project and I always like when I have an excuse to bring in some handwritten text.
Also here's a couple other drawwwrings...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

things and stuff

New woodsy drawing.

I signed up to be in the 2009 Craftin' Outlaws fair. Don't know if I'll get in, but it's in October. Supposed to be a goodin', so I'm hoping I wasn't too late with the application.
You can click on that pic to see the site.

I'm officially looking for a new car. By which I mean truck. I've had this car for oh, three years and it's been a treat leaving puddles of oil everywhere, but I think it's time I moved on. I've wanted a truck since I was driving illegally, and the time has come!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I got the opportunity to sell my prints wholesale in a shop alllllllllllll the way across the country in San Francisco. Here's the link to the site: http://www.teddahughes.com/
I'm quite excited. I'm also supposed to be doing some wholesale for Tigertree in Short North, but I've been busy and just now got around to getting it all printed and ready for them.
Anyways, I was up packing up all the prints to send out very late one night and though my back was killing me from hunching down and cutting and wrapping up each individual print, I was doing what I LOVE and actually making a little profit. Oh the big dreams I have, where someday I can do this and this alone... very far off dreams indeed. I really need to look into a business license or something since I'm doing wholesale. That's on my big fat 'To Do' list.
Also Lee and I FINALLY got a new bed. The one we have was I think made in the 70's. The mattresses and the headboard. This new bed is freakin' wonderful. His wonderful momma bought it for us and we are soooooooooo grateful. But the old headboard made a very nice shelving unit for my office/studio, I'm so crafty.
Alrighty, enough for now kids.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Tuesday

AMC Javelin.

And a birthday present for my best friend, Mandy. As you can see, she has three spoiled cats.
That's it for today, kiddos.
I did draw some funny pictures of my guinea pig, but I haven't got to scanning them yet.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Beat It

So my Michael Jackson print made it to the front page of Etsy a couple days ago(top left corner). I thought that was neat. Also, tonight on the Sunday simpsons time slot they played the old 1991 episode "Stark Raving Dad" where Michael was a guest voice. I thought that was neat too. Gotta love those old episodes, anyway.
That will be all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

And I am obessed with trees

Here's the things I've been working on the past few days. Sorry for the watermarks, I sell these as prints and don't want any thieve'n.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lotsa stuffs today

Lady Gaga. Why not?

Lee and I have been playing N64 nightly...Mario Kart 64 and San Francisco Rush 2 to be specific.

Peace sign tattoo design for my best friend, Mandy. What a hippie. :P

And a little card I made for my friend Laura, who's getting married in July. :)
That's it for today, kiddies.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Horsey sketch time

So, without really realizing it I've had this favorite illustrator all my life. Wesley Dennis is most known for his work illustrating books by Marguerite Henry, who most famously wrote Misty of Chincoteque, Stormy, Misty's Foal, and King of the Wind.
What spurred me to remember this was that I bought a 1945 copy of John Steinbeck's The Red Pony from Half price books the other day just for the illustrations of horses. Then I realized, duh, this is the same guy who illustrated all those other horse books I was obsessed about all my life. I read the book that night, by the way, it's a favorite of mine. Then of course I felt like drawing horses. Well, I always do, but more than usual. I see alot of Dennis's influence in some of my work. Neato.
These are a couple horses a girl I went to high school with owns.
Done with a Sharpie. To quote the 'Turff : "You too can do magical things with a Sharpie."

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

In Drawing mode...

To you other artsy peeps, you know about these days. Some days, you can't draw for shit. Nothing comes out right. Nothing works. Then otherdays, you can draw ANYTHING. You can draw it perfect the first time around. And it's awesome. Anyways, I slipped into one of those awesome drawing fevers a couple hours ago. I just keep going through pictures I took at my moms house over the weekend and drawing away. Also I finally planted my flowers and they make my house look dandy.

This is my moms dog, Bill.

And some buttercup flowers.

Friday, May 22, 2009