Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza

I'll be offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all my prints, Friday Nov.2yth through Monday Nov.30th . Buy 4, get 2 Free, etc.

This is Cherry waiting patiently in the truck while I ran into Staples. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re-Branding Myself

I decided that the branding scheme I did last semester for class isn't what I really want and was more the result of getting the assignment done on time.
So, even though I like my little sage green and funky font with little birds, they aren't really me. And I keep seeing that font come up places and I'm like, Hey, that's what I use! It makes me feel less original I guess. My 'new' branding is all handwritten type and much brighter colors. I think looking at my work it goes with everything much better. Here's the business card layout. Any critique is welcome.

Old Version

New Version #1
New Version #2

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dearest CCAD...

Dearest Columbus College of Art and Design,
You have been a wonderful school, albeit a tough one. You have caused me panic attacks on several occasions, a trip to the emergency room, two speeding tickets racing to get to you, and days on end without so much as a nap. You have cost me more money than I care to remember or want to think about, and challenged my over all mental stability. I have come to know you so well. Your brand new buildings, as well as your dilapitated ones with seemingly no heat. I have cursed your name on thousands of occasions. However, I defied the level 2 snow warnings in a Ford Taurus and another few times in a 2 door Grand Am just to reach you. Then to be told you were done for the day and to return home.
I met people just like me through you. I met people I dispised entirely. I found encouragment, hope, and a future there. I also found harsh critiques, tough love, and frustration. You taught me that my car can be a bedroom and an office. That fashion doesn't always fall inbetween pages in a magazine. That art can be found on bathroom stalls. That everything can be said in a few sketchy lines.
Without you, I might be who I was before I met you. Without a car, without a job. A life of bad habits with bad people. You helped me shape myself into who I really am. Who I could become. No, I didn't like you all those years, but you knew what to do with me. And for that I love you, CCAD.
Thank you for all of it.