Thursday, March 31, 2011

April: Free Desktop Calendar! From me :)

I stole this idea from somewhere online, but who doesn't love freebies? Here's a desktop wallpaper I made for the rainy ol' month of April. Enjoy! More to come as the year goes on...
Just click on it to see the full size view and Save.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Tiny House Prints

I was thinking about what my obsession with tiny houses stemmed from...I think it was that my dad used to build me little houses to play in. He is the master of building little shacks and hideouts.
I'll have to dig up some pictures sometime.

Anyways, on that topic, here are two new prints! I haven't listed any in quite a while. It's the same drawing but two different color themes. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so why should you? Now in the shop.

Also, got my new promo cards and biz cards from today. The rebranding is complete! :) It's SNOWING here in Ohio. It better be the last time, but after living my whole life here, I know it won't be. Ugh.

Friday, March 25, 2011 Illustrations

I've been working with the team in charge of a website called for the past several weeks doing a series of illustrations for their new website. Today, their redesigned site is finally live and it looks amazing. I'm so excited to see my work put to some good use. :)
Hopefully, I'll continue to do some steady work for them as more illustrations are needed.

Enjoy the weekend! Ohio is completely back to it's old depressingly cold self, unfortunately.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too much news!

I have a lot of news lately, the most recent is an illustration of a typewriter I did is up on this fine writer's website: She's going to use it as her logo, more or less, and I'm always happy when someone wants to use my work as to help identify themselves. Thanks Andrea! :)
Secondly, I'm in the process of doing a couple illustrations for a website called which should be up quite soon, and I'll continue to do steady work for them which is just awesome.
Once those are up I'll add them to my portfolio online and blog about it here. The team is wonderful and I'm so glad they found me.

Third, a magazine titled LivingEtc. based out the UK contacted me yesterday and asked to feature one of my prints in their May issue. It's crazy and I'm thrilled. They'll be featuring my Flamingo print.

It's weird how things start to click and come together when you feel like you're fed up with trying anymore. :/
Alright, enough about me...