Friday, June 19, 2009

And I am obessed with trees

Here's the things I've been working on the past few days. Sorry for the watermarks, I sell these as prints and don't want any thieve'n.


'turff said...

i have a huge ass swamp maple in my front should be living on a farm's at least 10ft 'round and over 50ft's roots pop through the surface...i mow over and around dumps 20tons of leaves every fall...every wind storm, it purges more branches, that i pick is over 30yrs old...probably should have died long ago...but, it is a love/ hate relationship that i will put up with...don't get the wrong idea about "the 'turff" i'm not all tree huggin' sappy...just think this old guy is pretty cool...and yes...i have done alot of sketches and drawings of, just like you...i'm not obessed ner nuthin...just like mah tree.
keep up the nice work!

Anonymous said...

I saw your prints in the Grandview Caribou and liked them enough to actually remember your web address! Very cool stuff!