Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009 Spring Art Sale

The spring sale went really well. Luckily, I failed at signing up for the December sale so I had a lot of stuff that I was supposed to sell at this one. I was way more prepared too, so I'm sure that helps. Lee as always was my salesman and he did a swell job. I bought a totally sweet big ol' handmade coffee cup from Sumiko Takada of Functional and Decorative Pottery. I've been wanting one since last year. Lee got a print from Maxe Smith of a nicely dressed sloth, it's fantastic. I can't wait to hang it.
Ooooh I have less than one more month of school left. I have so much to do, I wish I could quit work for a few weeks to get it all done. Bleh.
I'm looking to get a mac laptop and give my compaq to lee. This thing can't run CS3 programs for crap. But of course money is needed for such things. Ah cripes.
Also, the Spice Bar in Columbus is lame and full of jerks. I went for my friends bday and it was alright until about 11 until a million people showed up. I wouldn't go back though, no sir. Just give me the Plain City Pub.
They opened a new dog park a little bit ago in Victorian Village, called Wheeler Park. We've taken Cherry twice so far and she had a good ol' time. It's great to finally have a dog park kinda close to home.

Friday, April 3, 2009

CCAD Art Sale

The spring sale is coming up in two weeks, so you if you live around Columbus it's worth a looksee. I'll be selling lotsa things. :)