Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re-Branding Myself

I decided that the branding scheme I did last semester for class isn't what I really want and was more the result of getting the assignment done on time.
So, even though I like my little sage green and funky font with little birds, they aren't really me. And I keep seeing that font come up places and I'm like, Hey, that's what I use! It makes me feel less original I guess. My 'new' branding is all handwritten type and much brighter colors. I think looking at my work it goes with everything much better. Here's the business card layout. Any critique is welcome.

Old Version

New Version #1
New Version #2


Cracked_Oblivion said...

I love the new versions! I definitely agree that it is a better reflection/representation of your (wonderful) work. However, I'm not so sure about the blue background in version #1. I think there probably should be a background color, though. Maybe a lighter blue?

shellbell said...

i love the one with the blue background - i find it easier to read. they're both pretty though!

handwriting instead of fonts is rad :)

o'reilly ink said...

thanks guys! keep em' comin!

Erimentha said...

yeah i like the first one too! its prettier and easier to read.

good luck!!!!!!

eri xxx