Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smell ya later.

Two things:

First, my dog hates when you sing Billy Joel's
"For the Longest Time" through a wrapping paper roll at her face.

Second, I downloaded the game Lost Winds from Wiiware last night and it is adorable. And fun, of course.

Have a happy new year!!!!


Lexy. said...

You absolutely have the best Etsy name I have ever come accross.

And I really like your artwork too ;)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

What's wrong with your dog? Billy Joels rocks!

Light and Wiritng said...

Oh my, I started to look at your wonderful art & ♥ing some but then I realized I wanted to ♥half of your shop! The boxers and horses in particular are perfect (& the deer fit into my new little obsession i have)! Thank you very much for visiting me and thus introducing me to your art work!