Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boring days...

I found this little questionaire while browsing through AshleyG's blog today. If you haven't checked her out, she's got some colorful, quirky stuff. Anyways, I was bored so here ya go:

What I was doing 10 years ago: That was 1998. I was in 8th grade...so, I was hanging out with my best friend at the time, Jamie. We we're probably sledding about this time of year, and still going for really long walks through the woods even though it was cold as shit outside. I was always sitting up in my room next to my kerosene heater watching movies in my almost dead VCR on a big old tv that had no place to go except on the floor. Ah, youth.

What is on your to-do list today (in no particular order)?
Well, it was to scan in new drawings and put them in the shop (did one of out of like four or so), mail out a print (check), go buy a frame for moms xmas gift (have yet to do), and go to work.

Snacks I enjoy: Jet's Pizza, but that's really a meal... I like BBQ Frito's, tomatoes, pickles, fruit snacks, chocolate chip cookies, ramen noodes lime chili with shrimp, cheese filled pretzels, corn dogs, umm...ice cream.

Things I would I do if I was a billionaire: pay off all my student loans, of course. Pay off all debt period. Give a lot of it to my parents and my brother. Buy a house, and a horse. Get a brand newwww caaaaar. Buy my dog everything she could ever want. Donate anonymously to the humane society/aspca and to the columbus homeless shelters.

Places I have lived: King Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. Plain City, Ohio. Johnsville, Ohio. Hilliard, Ohio. Currently I live almost in Dublin, Ohio.

Jobs I have had: From the begining: Laborer at Heartland Country Resort-taking care of horses and doing trail rides, Concession stand at Mid Ohio Racing track, bagger/cart pusher/cleanup/gm clerk at Kroger, tech support at Calltech, Hardware associate at Lowe's, Backroom team member at Target, and now a print shop assistant.
If you don't know what Flight of the Conchords is, you should.
Bye ya'll

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