Saturday, December 27, 2008

Warm December

It's December 27th and I today I had thew windows open and shorts on. Ohio, if you don't like the, just wait around for 20 minutes.
It was in the upper 60's today. Amazing. And Louisiana gets snow, what the hell... Well, I'm fine with it.
Cleaned up all the xmas junk today, I was sick of looking at it. Woot. Xmas was dandy, btw. Lotsa new books, sweaters, gift cards, and art supplies. :)
I'm gonna make a new years resolution to really try to work towards my goal of doing more craft fairs/selling on etsy. I don't need to make a lot to live on, I mean, where I work now I barely make enough and next semester I have more classes and less time to work somewhere else. Sigh. I say it all the time but dammit, I mean it now!

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