Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The process of pet portraits

I just got done with a series of 4 pet portraits-2 were of dogs, 2 were of horses. Anyways, on the last one I decided to scan in every step just for funsies.

The beautiful mare is Stormy...and the kitty is Charlie.

Original Photo:

Lightened up in Photoshop:

First rough sketch:

Ink details added:

Shading and more details:
(realized I've drawn Stormy's muzzle a bit large..will fix in Photoshop)

Final Version:
(Color done in Photoshop. Customer wanted all in black and white except cat)

And that's that.


lady lee said...

really cool to see the process. Beautiful!

its simple love said...

You are so very talented. Love it.