Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to make Lemonade.

On Friday, January 28th, I was laid off. I knew I was getting laid off. I was job hunting in the weeks leading to my final days. Thinking. Crying. I let stress fill up my life and felt like a failure as a designer. This was my first real job starting my career and it came to an abrupt end. It didn't break my heart to leave, but it made me feel worthless.
A friend of mine at work, who was also laid off as a designer, told me about a short, inspirational film called "Lemonade". After spending a couple days at my parents farm to clear my head, I came back home and watched it. It sends a great message and I urge anyone who needs some creative inspiration or has been kicked to the curb to watch it.

I still don't know whether to be excited or to keep slipping into depression and anger, but between talking to my family, my husband, and watching this little movie, I hope I can start seeing the sunlight again. Which is incredibly hard to do in February.


lady lee said...

I'll keep an eye and ear out for design jobs, I know a lot of people in the field (myself included :) )

What is it in particular that you like to design or specialize in?

o'reilly ink said...

Well, what I used to do was print design and point of sale. So designing with type is always an option. I'm an illustrator at heart, of course. :)

James said...

Your work is fantastic, so I can't imagine your talent will go unused for long.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I see this post is a little old. I hope you are feeling better. Being laid of is such a bitter feeling but you have loads of talent so I expect you will find your way.