Tuesday, March 24, 2009

O'Reilly Ink installation at Caribou Coffee

I was lucky enough to get my artwork put up again, this time at Caribou Coffee on Grandview Ave. I have to say it looks really amazing there. The manager, Sarah, is a really cool girl who pretty much let me do what I wanted and even wants to keep them up for a long time. The walls are an olive green color, so it sets off the prints really nicely. Plus, I get free coffee!! Woot!! I'm so excited, as always when someone digs my art. I had to take pics with my phone as I stupidly forgot my camera, but heres a pic. :)


Light and Writing said...

How exciting! I love Caribou Coffee! They get a lot of traffic, this will be great! And yes, the coffee is a bonus! Your work looks so fantastic up! Congrats!

Michelle said...


I saw your installation at Caribou and I love your work! I will send you a message from your website link. I look forward to connecting!