Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm on a kick where I've decided it's time to take another direction for a lil bit. I'm pretty much drawing what I feel like drawing and not just an animal or a coffee cup-although I do enjoy to draw those as well. Anyways, I have felt highly inspired lately by Tara McPherson, who came to CCAD last week and I kick myself in the ass for sleeping in and not going. Her way of making things just weird enough is something I've been wanting to attempt for quite a while, but I end up tip toeing around it. I dunno. Here's some marker/ink junk from the sketchbook lately.
Ohio finally decided it's time to stop being in the 17 degree and under range and get ready for spring for a minute. Who knows how long that will last, when Ohio starts to warm up it also means an ton of rain. Ohio is such a tease. But yay, St. Pat's day is soon, Spring Break, and my birthday. Yes, March is a fine month for me, freezing or not. I shall enjoy lots of beer.
And woot, the CCAD student sale will be coming up in April. Hurray! Promoting!

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Light and Writing said...

Yay, I missed ya! I love these that you have up, especially the last one!
Girl anything you do is...magic?! hehe. wonderful! I have a few of your things on my birthday list. I won't know until I see my family, but my fingers are crossed!