Friday, March 16, 2012

Watercolor & Ink...a classic duo

A sketch of my buddy Jacob, with his infamous catchphrase overhead.

A nice little drawing of Lee's most recent whiskey purchase, Bulleit Bourbon.

A portrait of Ricky, from the best Canadian tv show ever, Trailer Park Boys.

Watercolor and ink, oh how you work together so nicely. Sat down with a nice new sketchbook a few weeks ago and got to work. Halfway through the thing so far. Found my old travel watercolor set from high school and decided it was time to revive those dried, cracked colors.
I'm really liking doing this stuff's refreshing. These days, art has been hard to love. Anyone with a depression like mine (Major Depressive Disorder...) can tell ya that the things you once enjoyed sink to the bottom. It's an awful feeling, and these days when it does stay away and I can get work done, I'm thankful for it.

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helen said...

The all do have a classic look about them.