Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspiration Search...Sandra Dieckmann (and some stuff about me)

This might turn into a series.
Feeling lazy, uninspired, and not creative in any way lately, I went on a quest to find new illustrators. My search turned up Sandra Dieckmann, a fantastic illustrator out of London. I never do reviews on here of artists I love, but I think I need to when it inspires me like this. Her work is exactly what I've been trying to get into myself, weirdly enough. Line art, detail, patterns, and of course, animals! LOVE. And she has an Etsy shop! My Etsy wishlist is getting out of hand.

Feathers + Buffalo + patterns = AWESOME.

I love the big solid colors combing with the delicate lines.

Sandra's workspace. I want to go hang out there.

In other news, the weather in Ohio has appropriately turned to bullshit. Sheets of rain, 40 something degree weather, snow in some places (according to my mom who lives up north). I agreed to cover for someone at the horse barn tonight, as well as tomorrow...and Saturday. Once you've been stuck in the house for 8 months, it's hard to complain about going to work, regardless of the circumstances.

Cherry taking advantage of the weather. She lives a good life.

I don't think I mentioned I started working part-time at a horse barn in Plain City, Ohio. It's just something to do while I continue my never-ending hunt for a full time job. They house around 40-50 horses and I think I finally know all their names. Even in this weather, I'm thankful to be working with my passion of horses and not waiting tables or working retail. Helping little riders learn their way around horses is just fine for now, thank you. :)

And with that, it's time to dig my Carhartt coat out of the closet and seize this rainy, yucky day.

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