Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Fox and a Cabin

...two new prints in thy shoppe.

I think foxes are making a comeback. Foxes might be the new owl.
Also, I came home to a paddywagon in front of my house thanks to my always amusing neighbors. I can't wait to move someday, but I will miss their tangles with the Columbus Police.
What else? I kind of want a Dumbo Rat. They have babies at the pet store...and I have a soft spot for their big dopey ears. I might do a rat print soon...though I'm sure there's not much call for that.
Also, I bought a bicycle. But it's being shipped so, I'll have to post it's picture later. Yay, bikes.
Alright enough...I'm tired and cranky and morning traffic lately has been awful so I better go to bed to get up earlier than usual.

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