Thursday, December 29, 2011

Making Christmas

Bill, the family farm dog. He turned 11 this year and is still acting like a happy pup. This was a gift for my dad.

Daisy, a goofy, loving yellow lab. This drawing was a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, Vickie. She adores her dogs.

Noodie, a chiweenie. Did this as a favor for my Aunt Nora so she could give it to her son. They both loved it.

Just some xmas things I did. Hope you all had a great holiday. My best present was seeing my mom on Christmas day when I thought she was going to be working instead. :)
But I also got the Lion King on bluray finally!! And my best friend got me the Peppermint syrup they use at Starbucks so I can make Peppermint Mochas at home. Yay!

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Dom said...

These are great!