Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to think about the New Year...

Something I've been meaning to do the past oh, three years is make a calendar to sell in my shop. I made one a couple years ago for my parents, but it never made it to my online shelves.
After working on it off and on for the past month or so, I've completed my 2011 Calendar. I'm very excited, I love it. I don't do anything besides prints often, so this is a nice little change for me. It's in the shop!Also, these times, they are a changin'. So I am really thinking of the New Year and what I really want to accomplish. One being moving out of our duplex (especially since the neighbors we love are moving next year). And there's some other things as well that will inevitably be coming my way shortly after the new year begins. It's a situation that came as a shock to me, but also something all too common in this economy. I hope to turn it around and make it better.
Well, I can't elaborate on that just yet, though.

Alright, good weeks to all, I hope.

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