Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Well, it's happy for those who are getting a paid day off. Or, in my husband's case, time and a half.
I've got a handful of framed prints hanging (and for sale) at Crimson & Clover Salon in Westerville. The owner, Cindy, hangs art all over the place and the salon is in a neat old house that she's made into her business.

I also had one of my buyers send me a picture of my prints hanging up in her new apartment. :) I love getting those.

And finally, I have work for sale on a consignment basis at Rare Device, a boutique in San Francisco. It's co-owned by Lisa Congdon, an illustrator I've always been a big fan of and am obviously a little inspired by if you look at her bright, wonderful work.
And that's that for today! Now to hit some stores for new beers I need to try.

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