Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Cards, New Promos!

I got my new business cards and postcard size prints from the other day. Yay! The prints are to throw in with orders. I was doing it before but using an outside printer is much more cost effective for little things like that.

Here's just some pics from around the house...

Trying to be organized.

The office...except for the bass you see. That's Lee's.

My lovely kitchen table with forsythia branches in a vase (mom's idea).

Cherry, she parks out wherever I am.

My 'art wall' nook.

1 comment:

lady lee said...

Hi! I stopped by your booth today and bought a pretty print of flowers on yellow. We talked about how ferrets are almost indestructible and act like that have imaginary friends. Anyway, I just got home and put my new print in a frame and am excited to hang it up :)