Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ink and colorful things

Due to my uplifting portfolio review with Mr. Frank Sturges (illustration rep) and Mr. Groff (a fine illustration teacher), I was motivated enough to do not one, but two new pieces.
By Groff's suggestion, I did the retro Airstream camper. And because I love both coffee and tacky things, a 1980's coffee maker.
Both are in the shop.

Oh, and I started running again. I'm officially not able to fit into more than half my clothes anymore and that just has to stop. I can't afford new clothes. I can't believe I used to run 5 miles back in the day like it was nuthin'. Sigh.



Light and Writing said...

First props for running! I hate running! I bow to your 5 miles even if it was back in the day!
Second, do I really have to say it? Loooove the camper and coffee maker! Actually the coffee maker makes me smile quite a bit , you did a great job capturing the real deal!

o'reilly ink said...

thanks!! :)