Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my car sucks and more

Took my car in to see whats going on with the oil leak, and of course it's coming from the head gasket and will cost more than that car is worth to fix. So, I'll just keep putting a quart of oil in it every other week. Bleh. Figures. (thats an old pic from when we lived at the old place)

I sat around for like 40 minutes today googling people and then finally myself. I googled 'toxiccavies' because I use it for a lot of usernames. So this blog in another language
came up and featured a drawing I had. But they credited me, so it's all good. It was just odd.
Like when homer finds the Mister Sparkles box and his picture is on the front.

So here's some sweet news, I might be getting a little exhibition spot at Aladdin's Eatery in Grandview. It will be on the month Gallery Hop route too so hopefully I'll get some much needed exposure. Excitement!


Light and Wiritng said...

It was not easy deciding what prints to post, i am a fan of all. I have your stuff on my upcoming birthday list! Oh, and the homer reference is hilarious.

Light and Writing said...

me again. I was given this award and I think it stands for something good and reflects what you and your blog are about. So i am now passing it to you if you would like. it's in the post from jan 13. thanks!