Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kickin' it old skool

So I've recently drifted out of my animal phase and into the bizarre figures with patterns phase. I did this piece today, which was just an ink drawing but I added the stripes digitally. I have a sketchbook thats all the brown tone seen there and I'm furiously filling it with the odd and retro. I've taken a liking to adding fifties to seventies patterns to things. It's fun. I have too many damn ideas that will never work themselves out, but this is one I've kept up with.

I also did this old vacuum today. I started this other thing where I want to put fonts into the stuff I draw. Sometimes it's clever but sometimes it's just stupid.



jacklyn said...

love your work and featured your ain't she a beaut print on my blog today!


Love One World Zero said...

The vacuum rocks!